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Ragna — Open source RAG orchestration framework

With an intuitive API for quick experimentation and built-in tools for creating production-ready application, you can quickly leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) for your work.


Ragna is a framework for experimenting with LLMs. It does not install one by default. To use Ragna you either need to provide API keys to a cloud LLM API, e.g. OpenAI, Anthropic, etc. or run your own LLM.

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Key features

Python API designed for experimentation

Explore and test different LLMs quickly in Python.

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Web UI for chat interface

Select and configure LLMs, upload documents, and chat with the LLM with a web application. Use it out-of-the-box or as a reference to build custom web applications.

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REST API to build web apps

Create custom RAG-based web applications for your particular needs.

Free and Open Source in ethos

Ragna is developed and distributed under the permissive BSD 3-Clause License for open source software.

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