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Thanks for participating in the Ragna community! As an early-stage open source project, we rely on community members to help improve Ragna and we're grateful for your interest.

Code of Conduct

All Ragna community spaces including discussions on GitHub and audio/video meetings are covered by the Quansight Repository Code of Conduct to create an welcoming environment for everyone.


If you have questions about how to use Ragna, open a discussion on the GitHub Discussions forum to reach the development team.


We welcome all kinds of contributions including but not limited to advocacy, bug fixes, community management, design, documentation, fundraising, new features, testing, triage,and user support. If you're interested in contributing, reach out to us on the issue tracker!

Learn to contribute code and documentation →


All project decisions are made by the Ragna Development Team, and typically involve a discussion (during meetings or through an RFD) followed by a vote.

The current Ragna development team consists of members from Quansight LLC, who supported the initial development of Ragna. Community members with valuable contributions to the projects can be nominated and added to the Ragna Development Team.