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You need Python 3.9 or above in your working environment to use Ragna.

Install Ragna

You can install Ragna and all recommended dependencies with:

pip install 'ragna[all]'

If you want to install a minimal version1:

pip install ragna

And, upgrade to latest versions with:

pip install --upgrade ragna

Verify your installation

ragna --version

Backwards compatibility

As an early-stage project and as long as we are on a 0. version, we allow ourselves the option to break backwards compatibility. This is done to accommodate feature requests that require large refactorings, which inadvertently happen in the beginning. The amount and severity of the breaking changes should diminish as the project matures. All such changes will be announced in the release notes. At some point, we'll release a 1.0.0 version and switch to SemVer, imposing strict backwards compatibility rules onto ourselves.

  1. The minimal version is for users who want fine-grained control over the dependencies needed for the builtin components.